"I see Roberto Rivera and his work being the future of Social and Emotional Learning.” ~Roger Weissberg, Vice Chairman, CASEL


It’s time to reach students where they are...


Engage students
in their culture


Use a holistic approach
that meets them where they care


Develop the mindsets
which lead to success in life







Most schools with diverse student populations fall short when it comes to providing students with educational programming that is sensitive to their culture. While some curriculum options offer great content, they’re often packaged in a way that don’t reach today’s youth.

At 7 Mindsets, we’ve developed a curriculum that uses the medium of hip-hop to teach social emotional learning. Through a mixture of media, movement, and music, our 10 chapter curriculum teaches leadership, relationship, and citizenship skills.

"Fulfill The Dream was the secret ingredient in our secret sauce that made us the top after school association in the nation for the YMCA."

Rebecca Kelly, YMCA-USA

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Roberto Rivera, founder of Fulfill The Dream, spoke at SXSWedu 2017. In this talk, he uses the history of hip-hop culture to show how it reveals best practices in social emotional learning, post traumatic growth, and social change.

culturally relevant | wholistic | mindsets-based


Fulfill the Dream (FTD) engages youth through a hip-hop-based SEL curriculum that places an emphasis on the tenets of social justice and critical consciousness.

This involves 1) understanding the role of youth culture in the enhancement of social and emotional wellbeing and 2) engaging youth and their communities through activities that enhance critical and creative skills.

Fulfill The Dream engages youth in culturally relevant ways using media, movement, and music. Focusing on cultivating leadership, relationship, and citizenship skills, each workshop of FTD’s ten chapter curriculum utilizes the history of hip-hop culture as a case study.

In addition to learning how hip-hop grew to a global phenomenon, each chapter includes movement activities, visual metaphors, original hip-hop music, and allows youth opportunities to discover their “sparks” while also setting goals to use that spark (Scales, Benson, & Roehlkepartain, 2010).

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